How to Eliminate Pop-up Ads

By Kefa Olang

Pop-up ads are extra browser windows that launch automatically when you visit certain websites. The website generating the pop-ups uses them to advertise everything from shopping sprees to music downloads and movies. Pop-up ads launch new windows that consume system memory, which slows down browser speed and performance. You can eliminate pop-ups from your web browser by using some simple steps and guidelines.


Launch Firefox and click the "Tools" (Windows) or "Firefox" (Mac OS X) menu. Scroll down the pop-up menu and click "Options" (Windows) or "Preferences" (Mac OS X).

Select "Content" and place a check in the "Block pop-up windows" check-box. Click the "Exceptions" button if you want to allow pop-ups for certain websites.

Type the URL addresses of the websites you want to allow pop-ups for in the "Address of website" box and click "Allow."

Close the box and then close the Options box by clicking "OK." Mac users only need to close the Preferences box to save their choices.

Internet Explorer Users

Launch your browser and click the "Tools" menu located on the top of the browser window. Scroll down the pop-up menu, select "Pop-up blocker," and click "Turn on pop-up blocker."

Click the "Tools" menu again, select "Pop-up blocker," and click "Pop-up blocker settings." Type the URL address of any sites that you want to allow pop-ups for in the "Addresses of websites to allow" box and then click "Add."

Select the blocking level that you want to use. Select "High" if you want to block all the pop-ups. Keep in mind that a high setting may prevent most websites from launching. Select the "Medium" setting if you want to block most pop-ups. This setting is ideal because it enables you to view most web pages. Click "Close" when you finish.

Safari Users

Launch Safari from the location you saved it on your computer and click the "Safari" menu located on the top of the browser window.

Click "Preferences" to launch the browser preferences console. Click the "Security" tab, and click the "Block pop-up windows" check box under "Website content."

Close the Preferences console when you finish.