How to Eliminate Annoying Beeps and Sound Loss on a Cordless Phone

by Contributor

Cordless phones are handy devices that allow freedom of movement while using the phone. A cordless phone works by transmitting a radio frequency signal from the base, which is connected to the actual telephone line and the handset. Built into the handset is a radio transmitter and receiver so that sound can travel between the handset and the base.

Review the three different radio frequencies for cordless phones. They come in three different rates: 49 MHz, 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz. The larger the number, the better quality the sound and the lower the rate of interference from other devices.

Purchase a phone with the highest frequency you can afford. Install the phone in a central location in your home.

Check around the location of the base for metal or other radio frequency devices, as they can cause interference in the telephone signal. If you have a baby monitor, check the frequency that it is tuned to and make sure that the telephone is on a different channel or frequency.

Move through the different frequencies selecting the highest values from the list. The chances of your neighbors using the same frequencies are less. The interference from their radio frequencies is the cause for dropped calls and talk-over sounds.


  • close When using a cordless phone, it is always possible for others to overhear your conversation through another cordless phone or radio frequency sound device, such as a baby monitor.

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