The Effects of Changing Tumblr URLs

By James Wright

A new URL will change how people can find your blog.
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Part of Tumblr's plethora of customization options is the ability to change your blog's URL. Tumblr enables you to change your URL as many times as you wish, but certain things change every time you do so. While you don't lose your blog's design or any of your followers, there are certain effects to take into consideration before changing your URL.

What Changes

Once your URL is changed, your blog can be accessed only from the new URL from that point on. It's also reflected in your name in the feed for all your followers. Because of this, anyone looking for your blog via the old URL will simply get a blank page. This will also affect search results; if someone looks up your Tumblr blog before search engines have updated your URL, people won't be able to find you until the updates are registered.

What Doesn't

The URL change doesn't affect anything else on your profile, such as your icon, previous posts or layout design. Most importantly, you don't lose any followers. Tumblr will update automatically so your followers continue to see your updates. However, after you change your URL, the old one will become available again. It's a good idea to sign up for a "new" account and take your old URL as well so you have control over both. This will prevent people from stealing your old URL and pretending to be you.

Pros and Cons

Being able to change your URL means you can always have an appropriate title for your blog. If you chose one name when you first signed up but later think of something more relevant, you can change it without having to start all over. Changing your URL can also help you escape harassers and trolls if they can't find your new blog. However, your URL is often associated with your blog and its content. Once it's changed, people may be confused as to who you are. A new URL may also break hyperlinks if you have any that lead to your old blog. Because search engines will have to re-index your site, it will be up to days or even weeks before guests can find your blog via search results again.


Since your name changes once you change your URL, consider making a post letting people know who you are and why your name is different. If you signed up for your old Tumblr URL after changing to your new one, you can make the old URL redirect users to your new blog. Go to the "Customize Appearance" settings of your old URL, and then click "Edit HTML." Erase everything there and replace it with the following URL: . Change "mynewurl" to the URL of your new blog and save the settings. Anyone visiting your old blog's URL will be taken to your new one automatically.