The Effect of Freezing on Inkjet Cartridges

By David Harris

Cold weather does not seriously affect ink.
i printer cartridge image by hugy from

If you live someplace that experiences freezing winters, you may think twice before having inkjet cartridges shipped to your home. However, cold weather should not affect inkjet cartridges, even if the ink sits outside overnight.


Chemicals inside inkjet cartridges are used to suspend the pigment so it is spread evenly throughout inside. These same substances also stop the ink from freezing solid.


If your inkjet cartridge does freeze from being left in cold weather, allow it to warm up before attempting to print with it. Once the ink returns to room temperature, it should be good to use.


While the ink will be completely fine, a frozen inkjet cartridge may affect other parts of the device. There are electronic components on the cartridge that interact with the printer and any condensation that appears while the cartridge defrosts may cause these electrodes to malfunction.