How to Edit a Video to Increase Sharpness

By J.M. Chanel

Sharpening your digital video files can be achieved by using the sharpen plug-in found in most video editing programs.
i video montage image by Oleg Verbitsky from

Video clips that appear too blurry can be sharpened by using just about any video editing program with a "sharpness" filter. Practically all digital video editing programs have this filter and can be used to increase sharpness. These include the popular editing programs Final Cut Pro, Vegas and Pinnacle Studio. While the sharpness filter cannot work miracles with out-of-focus footage, it can help to make it appear much more defined.

Increase Video Sharpness in Final Cut Pro (Mac Users)

Open Final Cut Pro.

Click "File" and select "New Project."

Click "File" again, then mouse-over "Import" and select "Files." You can also press the Mac button and the letter "I" on your keyboard as a shortcut.

Select the video file you wish to sharpen and click the "Choose" button. The file will now be viewable in the Browser window on the left side of the screen.

Drag the video clip icon into the timeline at the bottom of the screen.

Click "Effects," mouse over "Video Filters," and then select "Sharpen."

Double-click on your clip in the timeline.

Click the "Filters" tab on the Viewer window located in the middle of the screen.

Drag the slider beside "Amount" to adjust the level of sharpness.

How to Increase Sharpness on Vegas Video (PC)

Open Vegas Video.

Click "File" and then "Import."

Select the video file you wish to sharpen and then press the "Open" button.

Click on the "Media Pool" tab on the bottom left corner. You should see an icon for your video clip.

Drag your video clip into the timeline in the top middle section of the Vegas window.

Click the "Video FX" tab on the bottom left corner of the Vegas window. Scroll through the filters until you find "Sharpness." Several different presets will appear, depending on the level of sharpness you wish to achieve.

Drag the sharpness preset icon from the Video FX panel on to your video clip in the timeline. A settings window will appear.

Drag the slider bar to adjust.

Render your video by clicking "File" and then "Render As."

Increase Sharpness on Pinnacle Studio

Open Pinnacle Studio, a Windows-based digital video editing program.

Click the "Import" tab. Locate your video file using the Studio Importer feature.

Click the "Edit" tab.

Select your video clip's icon and drag it into the timeline at the bottom of the screen.

Open the Video Toolbox by clicking the small icon of a camcorder located above the timeline.

Select the "Plugins" tab by pressing the bottom left button in the Video Toolbox, which is shaped like an electrical plug.

Scroll through the effects and select "Sharpen." Adjust settings as necessary.

Click the "Make Movie" tab, then select the "File" button.

Save your file. This will render a sharpened version of your original video.