How to Edit a Video in CamStudio

By Sam Orr

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Rendersoft's CamStudio is a screencasting program that can record the events occurring on computer screen and save them as an AVI file. Though its initial versions have limited editing options, its status as an open source program, or community-altered program, allowed later versions to maximize editing potential. CamStudio 3, an Adobe creation, is under development as of September 2010 and is not open source software.

Step 1

Run your CamStudio program. It can be accessed from the desktop if a shortcut was created, from the programs tab of the "Start" menu, or within the "Program Files" subfolder of "My Computer."

Step 2

Expand the "File" menu at the top of the CamStudio window and select the second option labeled "Open..."

Step 3

Navigate through the browser window to access your video file, click it to highlight it, and click the "Open" button. Simply double-click on each folder of your file's directory to find it; for example, you might open "My Documents," then "My Videos."

Step 4

Expand the "Tools" menu to access the editing software on your CamStudio program. From this menu, you can add annotations, convert the format of your file, and other options. The number of options available depends on the version of CamStudio you have installed. Later versions integrate a graphical interface to perform editing functions, such as changing colors, brightness, and audio settings.