How to Edit Tweets

By Will Conley

Edit tweets on Twitter using your computer's native copy-paste feature.
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If you wrote a tweet, published it, reviewed it and, to your horror, found a glaring typo or regret the way you worded the tweet, you probably wish you could edit it. Twitter does not let you edit tweets after they have been published. Twitter does, however, let you delete individual tweets. You can salvage the offending tweet by copying, rewriting and reposting it to Twitter as a new tweet and deleting the old one. The only drawback is that the tweet will not appear in the same chronological position it was in before.

Step 1

Highlight the text of your tweet by using the mouse on your computer to drag the screen cursor across the text of the tweet.

Step 2

Copy the text to your computer clipboard. To do so, press the "Ctrl" and "C" keys if using a PC or the "Command" and "C" keys if using a Mac.

Step 3

Click the "Delete" link within the offending tweet on Twitter. Wait for the tweet to disappear.

Step 4

Paste the old tweet into the "What's happening?" box on Twitter. To do so, click inside that box, and press the "Ctrl" and "V" keys if using a PC or "Command" and "V" keys if using a Mac.

Step 5

Edit the text of the tweet to your liking. Review your tweet carefully before clicking the "Tweet" button.