How to Edit Pictures in PowerPoint

By Travis Larson

PowerPoint presentations often include images as a way to provide examples and separate large sections of text. After inserting an image into your presentation, you may find that it needs to be resized, cropped or altered in some other way. Although PowerPoint is not the best image editor, it is capable of basic editing tasks. Resizing and cropping images, adding borders or styles and aligning images are some of the functions available in PowerPoint.

Step 1

Open your PowerPoint presentation and go to the slide containing the image you want to edit.

Step 2

Click the image in your PowerPoint slide you want to edit.

Step 3

Click the "Format" tab on the toolbar at the top of the application.

Step 4

Click the editing feature on the toolbar that performs the function you need for your image. Functions are arranged into groups so they are easier to find. For example, there is a group of functions to resize the image and another to apply styles to the image.