How to Edit Pictures in Outlook

by Erwin McIntosh

Microsoft Outlook is an email program offered in the Microsoft Office suite. Outlook combines email, calendar scheduling, social connection with contacts and retrieving important business and personal information. You can edit photos or pictures with Outlook, either to create a signature for business or personal use to be sent out with each email, or to save pictures and photos being sent to you.

Creating a Signature

Step 1

Click "Windows" icon at bottom left of screen on PC. A new menu box will appear.

Step 2

Scroll down the menu box and click on "Microsoft Outlook."

Step 3

Click "File."

Step 4

Click "Option."

Step 5

Click "Section Mail."

Click tab "Signatures." When pressing the "Signatures" button, you'll get a list of already configured signatures. Pick one or Click the "New" button to create a new signature.

Using Your Own Images for Signature

Step 1

Prepare the image of your choosing and save it in an easily retrievable file folder.

Step 2

Save the image in a file format that makes the file no larger than 10 kilobytes. Saving the image as a .jpg file should accomplish this feat.

Step 3

Embed the image into a signature that will be used in every email that you send.

Step 4

Press the "Image" icon located between the "Business Card" icon and the "Hyperlink" icon in the Signature Editor. A dialogue box will appear with a "Browse" button.

Click "Browse" to search the file folders where your image is located. When you find your image and click on it, it will appear in the dialogue box. The image will now be saved in your Outlook email signature.


  • When you receive emails that have attachments and photos, you can save them to your email folders titled "Drafts", "Outbox" and "Inbox."


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