How to Edit a Picture for Twitter (4 Steps)

By Sophie Southern

Twitter is a service that broadcasts messages to mobile phones.
i Bethany Clarke/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Twitter is a popular social networking website that allows you to share what you are doing with anyone online. You can use Twitter for personal reasons, such as communicating with friends and family, or for business purposes like promoting a blog or website. While you cannot post photos directly on Twitter, you can use Twitter photo-sharing services from third-party websites to upload your photo and include a shortened link in your tweet. If you have large images, you should resize them before posting to Twitter to prevent long upload and page-loading times.

Step 1

Reduce the size of your photo. Make the longest side of your images 1,000 pixels or smaller to prevent long upload times. You can do this in a photo-editing application on your computer. If you don't have a photo-editing application, you can use free online photo editing applications such as Picasa, Picnik and FotoFlexer. Look for the "Image Size" or "Resolution" option and change the number of pixels.

Step 2

Include a watermark to protect your own photos. If you are posting your own pictures or images that you created, you won't be able to control where they get reposted after you post them to Twitter. Adding a watermark to your pictures ensures that your credit stays with your image. You can use photo-editing applications to add a watermark.

Step 3

Choose a Twitter photo-sharing service. To post photos online, they must be hosted online, which means you have to upload them. You cannot upload photos directly to Twitter, other than your profile picture. Services such as TwitPic and YFrog allow you to upload photos and post them to Twitter with a shortened link.

Step 4

Upload your photo to the Twitter photo-sharing service and copy the link. Paste the link directly in the status box on your Twitter homepage. Include a hashtag by typing the "#" sign before a keyword related to your picture. Press the "Tweet" button to post your image to Twitter.