How to Edit Photos for Ebay

by Kendra Dahlstrom

A photo says a thousand words on Ebay. You could have a fantastic product with the best sales copy, and never sell a thing without a fabulous photo. Likewise, you could have a horrible description and still sell several products with a great photo. Although the first step is to take a wonderful picture, an equally important step is editing that photo. Editing photos is part of the job of a good seller.

Transfer your digital pictures to your computer and open up your free editing software. Typically software comes with your computer or your digital camera with purchase. If you don't have photo editing software, there are some free versions you can use online.

Use the red eye reduction capabilities. Photos with real people tend to do very well on Ebay. You do not want red eyes in your photos. The flash of the camera can cause red eyes. All you have to do to remove it, is click on the box next to "red eye reduction" on most photo editing software programs.

Adjust the color and light. Typically there is an area in editing software that allows you to lighten, darken, and adjust color. In general, you want the colors in your photo to closely resemble the colors in real life. You also want the photo to be as light as possible without changing the color hue.

Resize your photo to be around 420 x 640 pixels. Digital cameras produce photos with high resolution. Unfortunately, photos with higher resolution take too long to load on dial-up computers. This might cause people to click out of your auction before seeing your picture. Typically you can resize your photos by clicking on "resize".

Crop the photo. Click your mouse arrow on the top left hand corner of the photo you would like to remain seen. Then drag the arrow down and to the right. You will create a box. This box will be the only area seen in the photo on Ebay.


  • check Take photos of all your Ebay items at one time. Then you can edit them all at once to save yourself some time.


  • close Don't zoom in on a photo in your photo editing software. This could cause blurriness. If you need a closer picture, zoom in the camera before you take the picture.

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