How to Edit PDF Forms for Free

by Tiffany Ross

No matter how many times you click on your text, you can't make changes to that PDF. You must convert the PDF into the appropriate file type before editing, and most operating systems are not set up with PDF conversion software. Your PDF document may also require an editing program that allows you to make changes to text and images. Fortunately, free downloads are available for programs to assist in PDF editing.

Cute PDF


Download Cute PDF's free PDF converter from A message will appear asking you to save the the .exe file. Click "Save." Open the download and install onto your computer. In the event you receive a message such as "Do you want to allow this program to make changes to your computer?" click "Yes." The installation process should only take a few minutes.


Load your PDF into the converter and choose the destination file type: Microsoft Word for text documents or an image editing program.


Edit your document and save as a Word file or convert back to a PDF.

PDF Escape


Visit and select the link "Click Here to Use PDFEscape Now for Free!" In the left column of the screen click on "Begin as an unregistered user." PDFEscape allows you to convert and edit your PDF online for free, but it does not save your work.


Click on "Upload PDF File. Click "Browse." A window with your library of documents and images will appear. Select your PDF and click "Open." The name of your file will appear in the upload window. Click "Upload."


Edit your PDF. The website will take a few minutes to convert your file. After the conversion, you are free to edit the text and images in your PDF.


Print or e-mail your file. PDFEscape does not save your settings as an unregistered user. Send yourself an e-mail with your edited PDF or print a hard copy.

Very PDF


Download Very PDF from Allow your computer to run the setup and install the program.


Open your PDF in Very PDF. Your document will appear in a very PDF window with a toolbar along the top of the window and tabs to the left.


Edit your PDF. Edit text by right-clicking on a section of text you wish to change. A "Properties" box will open that allows you to delete or make changes to the text. The changes are automatically saved once you click anywhere outside the "Properties" box.


  • check Many websites offer free PDF editing software. Only download programs from websites you trust.

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