How to Edit PDF Files in Linux

by Contributor

Linux offers very few choices when it comes to editing Portable Document Format files (PDFs) that you download from the Internet. Luckily, there are several programs out there to help with this problem that make editing PDFs as simple as working in a Microsoft Word document.

Download the software called PDF Edit from the Internet. PDF Edit is an open source free software. A link to the PDF Edit download page is located in the resource section of this article.

Install the software. You need qt3, boost and xlib libraries to install the software properly. Check your Linux system's programs and properties for the libraries to insure the program will run smoothly.

Decide to run the program in either command line or GUI mode. Command line is more like DOS whereas GUI mode is more like the standard Internet. Pick the option you chose in the box provided.

Open a PDF document. In GUI mode, the document appears the same way it would if you were using Adobe Acrobat. Preview the document. Make sure the file loaded properly.

Make all the changes you need. Click "Tools" to select the type of edits you want to make. Edit the content or add pictures or pages.

Save the file. Click the "Save" icon or go through the file menu and select "Save." Always save your edits before closing. Close the file and program unless you are editing multiple PDFs.