How to Edit PDF Files & Insert Lines Into PDF Files

By James Wright

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The PDF, or Portable Document Format, was created by Adobe to allow users to read formatted documents on a variety of devices. PDF files can contain text, images and hyperlinks packed into the same document. These documents can be read on a variety of devices, and are meant to preserve the original formatting. The documents can also be edited, but require Adobe's Acrobat Reader program. This also requires that the document be unprotected. However, editing PDF files is simple and quick.

Step 1

Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Reader and enter the password if necessary to begin edits.

Step 2

Edit any text by clicking inside the text you want to edit. You may need to use the same font as the original document. Text edits do not register as multiple lines, so word wrap will not be possible; to edit multiple lines you must do them one at a time.

Step 3

Add a line by downloading the free program PDF Watermark (a link has been provided in the Resources section below). Click the "Add Shape Watermark" button, then select the line shape type. Then click "File," then "Add PDF Document" and select the document you wish to add it to. Click "Watermark" to complete it.