How to Edit Google Docs on an iPhone

By Shawn Farner

Google Docs is an online suite that provides the ability to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations without having to download software to your PC. In late 2010, Google Docs added the ability for mobile devices such as iPhones to edit Google Docs documents using the Safari browser. Add, delete or copy and paste text to your Google Docs document with tools native to your iPhone.

Open the iPhone's Web browser by tapping the "Safari" icon on the home screen.

Enter "" into the Safari address bar and tap "Go."

Select a document you'd like to edit by tapping it with your finger.

Place the cursor anywhere in the document by tapping the screen. Tapping on a spreadsheet cell will place the cursor inside that cell.

Edit using the iPhone's keyboard. You can add to your document, delete text using the backspace key and cut, copy and paste using the iPhone's copy/paste function.