How to Edit a Drop-Down Menu Embedded in a Word 97 Document

by Foye Robinson

Microsoft Word 97 allows you to embed forms and make them part of your document. The drop-down menu field is one of three form fields in Word 97. Unlike a text field that allows users to type in their answers, a drop-down menu form field gives users a list of answers from which to pick. The form must be locked before others can use it. This keeps others them from accessing the form data and changing its values in Word 97.

Click "File" and "Open" in the Word 97 menu. A dialog box opens. Find and double-click the document containing the form you want to edit.

Select "View," "Toolbar" and "Forms" to make the Forms toolbar visible. Click the padlock in the Forms toolbar to unlock the form.

Double-click the drop-down form field to modify it. The Drop-Down Form Field Options dialog box opens.

Highlight any items you want to remove from "Items in drop-down list" and click "Remove." To add more items to the list, type an item into the "Drop-down item" text field and click "Add."

Select any items you want to rearrange under "Items in drop-down list." Click the "Move" arrow-up or arrow-down buttons to move an item up or down. Click "OK."

Click the padlock in the Forms toolbar to protect the form.

Select "File" and "Save" from the menu to preserve your changes.

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