How to Edit Ebooks in Mobi Format

by Jen Jefferson

EBooks, once the domain of scientists and researchers, can now be as easy and comfortable to read as traditional print books. There are a number of formats in which you can read electronic content on your device of choice, including Mobipocket. If you know how to edit eBooks in Mobipocket format it enables you to customize your reading experience.

Download Mobipocket Creator software onto your Mobipocket eBook reader. Click on the Mobipocket Creator icon on your eBook reader home screen. Click on the type of file that you want to import into your eBook reader, highlight it and press enter. Load the file into your Mobipocket Creator.

Choose the metadata function in the view menu to change text such as the name of the publisher, author or ISBN number on your new HTML-formatted file. Select the publication file option in the menu. Click on the highlighted file.

Select your editing preferences in the settings menu. Choose "HTML Editor" if you want to edit or delete text. Choose "Image Editor" if you want to change the images in your publication. To change the order of a file, select it in the publication files list, and click on "Move up" or "Move down." Click on the "Save" icon in the tool bar to save your changes.

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