How to Edit CD Music

By Charles Poole

Editing your CD music is easy with a few simple steps.
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Editing the music you have on a CD is a great way to get sound bites or ringtones from your favorite songs. Many people believe that editing the music they have on CDs is hard, but it's just the opposite. All Windows-based computers come with Windows Media Player. This software tool will allow you to rip the music file on to your computer. This file is essential for editing your music.

Insert your CD into the CD drive of your computer.

Open Windows Media Player by clicking on the "Start" menu. Click on the "Programs" tab and select the Windows Media Player icon.

In Windows Media Player, click on the "Rip" tab to the right of the software window to import your file. Click on the "Import" tab and wait for the software to rip your file.

Download music editing software, such as Audacity, WavePad or Audio Editor. Click on the software icon to open the software. Audacity is a free program, but you will need to purchase WavePad and Audio Editor.

Click on the "File" tab at the top of the software window and select "Open" or "Import" depending on your software. In the next window, select your ripped file and click "OK."

Wait for the software to load your music file and then edit it accordingly. Highlight the section that you would like to use as a ringtone or sound bite and right click on the file.

Select "Copy" from the choices, then click on the "File" tab again. Select "New" from the menu and wait for a new project template to pop up.

Right click on the template and select "Paste" from the choices. Wait until your sound bite has pasted into the template.

Click on the "File" tab again and select "Save As" or "Export." In the next window, save your file as an MP3 to use it in iTunes or any other audio software program.