How to Edit Camcorder Recordings From SD Cards

By James Garret

Editing camcorder recordings from your SD card requires a few easy steps.
i SD Card Toolbox image by Ron-Heidelberg from

After recording a video with a camcorder, users typically look for ways to edit their videos quickly and easily. SD cards have made it more convenient to store video and make them accessible for editing. With either a computer that is compatible with SD cards or an SD adapter, you can edit your camcorder recordings directly from your desktop. If you have the Windows operating system, you have access to built-in video editing software called Microsoft Movie Maker.

Make sure your computer has a built-in slot for an SD card. If you're not sure if it does, consult your computer's user manual to find out. The manual should also point you to where it's located. If you don't have an SD slot, you will need an SD card adapter (see Resources for links to SD adapters).

Place your SD card inside your PC or SD adapter.

Open "My Computer" from your Windows desktop. Double-click the icon for your SD card listed among the other drives on your computer. A window will open with your camcorder recording inside.

Right-click on your recording file and select "Open With." Choose Microsoft Movie Maker from the list. Your recording will open inside the software. Use the tools included with the software to view and edit the video.