How to Edit a Blog Title in HTML

By Brandy Alexander

Change the name of your blog by editing the HTML code.
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Your blog title is the name of your choosing that identifies you and/or the purpose of your site. This is an important element because this label brands your particular content and it appears at the top of your page and browser window. As you work on your blog, you have the option to modify the existing name by changing the HyperText Markup Language (HTML) code. By knowing where to alter this data, change your blog name, as you prefer.

Log in to your blog account such as WordPress, Blogspot or LiveJournal. Alternately, launch your text editor application and open your blog's HTML document by clicking "Open" under the "File" menu.

Locate the "HTML" link or similar to gain access to the HTML code that controls your blog account. For example, in Blogger, click the "Design" tab and then click the "Edit HTML" link. See your account's "Help" or "FAQ" page if you need assistance with locating this area.

Find the "" title tags at the top of your HTML document. This code is enclosed between the "" elements.

Change the text between the title tags to the name that you prefer. For example:

New Title

Click the "Save" feature in your blog account, or select the "Save" option under your text editor's "File" menu. Your edited title is now changed in your blog.