How to Edit a DVD

by Marques Williams

Editing a DVD can be useful if you want to rip DVDs, get rid of unwanted trailers and menus, or to simply edit parts of the video itself. Using programs like Aimersoft DVD Ripper makes this possible.

Download and install Aimersoft DVD Ripper. A link can be found below in the Resources section.

Insert the DVD into the DVD drive. Your computer will then recognize the DVD.

Open Aimersoft DVD Ripper. Then, click "Add" and select the DVD drive. The program will then load the DVD.

Edit the DVD. This program allows you to trim or cut certain parts of the DVD or you can convert the DVD into video files that can be read by your editing software, like AVI or WMV. To convert, simply choose the output format in the "Profile" section and press "start."

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