Easy Ways to Copy All the Photos From a Facebook Album

By Avery Martin

Facebook provides business owners with tools that make it possible to manage the social aspect of your business. Over time, you may accumulate a large number of photos on your business Facebook Page that you might need to download and use in business presentations and other forms of media. When you need to quickly download photos, you can create an archive of all your Facebook data or download the photos directly from Facebook using your browser.

Download Albums

Access the Facebook album you want to download and click on the album cover photo to open the album. You can access your albums by clicking on the "Photos" icon on your Page and then selecting the "Albums" tab.

Right-click on an area of the Web page without pictures and select the option to "Save Page As..." or "Save As," depending on your browser.

Select the "Web Page Complete" option from the Format drop-down menu and click "Save."

Double-click the folder you saved to your computer to view the pictures from your album.

Create Archive

Click the "Gear" icon and select the "Account Settings" option.

Click the "Download a Copy of My Data" link.

Click the "Start My Archive" button and then click the "Start My Archive" button again when it displays in the dialog box. Click "Confirm."

Return to the Archive page when you receive a notification that the archive process completed.

Click the "Download Your Archive" button to save all of your photos, data and albums to your computer.