Easy Ways to Superimpose a Face

by Chuck Robert

Superimposing a head involves placing a new head over an old head. People often do this for entertainment purposes or to practice their skills with graphics programs. Superimposing a head isn’t difficult, but making the head look like it’s really attached to the body can be more difficult.

Cutting and Pasting

The easiest way to superimpose a head on to another picture is to cut a head out of the picture. Then, paste the head on a body in a different picture using glue or tape. The head must have the right size in proportion to the body in the other picture. The lighting in both pictures should be as similar as possible. When the head was in a picture taken in broad daylight and the body was in a dark room, the face will look obviously superimposed. Cut out as much of the picture as possible, leaving only the head behind ideally. When cutting out part of the head, the picture will look superimposed. However, leaving a part of the old picture containing the head will make the new picture look fake.

Taking the Picture

Since you will need a head that will match picture you’re superimposing the head over, you can take a picture with the head positioned just right. Besides using a digital camera, you can use a webcam, which lets you see what position the head is in when snapping the photo, allowing you to get the right shot.


Some websites let people superimpose pictures into other images, such as magazines and pieces of art. One website, Photo505, lets you pick from one of many templates. The preview image has the picture of someone else. When you select a template, the picture you upload will be superimposed instead.

Graphics Programs

Graphics programs, such as Photoshop and Paint.net, let you use various features to more realistically place a head on someone else. Open both the image containing the head and the image containing the body in a graphics program. Make sure to use a graphics program that has layers, such as Photoshop. Duplicate the image so you have two layers with the same image. Create a new layer between the two duplicate layers and make the middle layer a bright color. Then, you need to cut the head out of the picture on the top layer. You can use several tools, such as the lasso, marquee, pen and extract tool. The extract tool will softly cut out the head so there are no jagged edges. With the extract tool, you then use a highlighting tool to trace around the face. Fill in the tracing with the paint bucket tool. You can then drag and drop the face on to the body in the other picture.

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