Easy Ways to Carry Two Phones

By Mandy Slake

Sometimes people need to carry more than one phone for business purposes. Others are in the process of testing out a new carrier's service and still want to carry their old phone with them. You can efficiently carry more than one phone at a time if anticipate doing it and dress or accessorize accordingly, but you can also forward your calls and take calls on both numbers with one phone.

Large Bag

This one is easy for women who carry purses. Some purses have a dedicated cell phone pocket where you can slip the first phone in, while you carry the second phone in another compartment. Guys and gals who don't use purses can carry their phones in another type of bag. A briefcase, computer case, duffel bag, or backpack is a handy place to store more than one phone. You can put one phone in a quick access compartment on the outside of the bag, and store the other inside.

Clips and Holsters

Most cell phones have the option of adding a belt clip accessory. You can use two belt clips, or store one phone in your pocket, and the other on a clip at your waist, or in a holster designed to strap around your ankle or wrist. Smaller phones can rest on a lanyard around your neck. Mix up the combination of mobile phone clips, holsters, and lanyards to find the style that works for you.


You can carry a phone in each pants pocket, or purchase a jacket with lots of pockets. Jackets designed for electronics have many pockets, and some have the option of routing wires and cables so they are out of sight. Another option is a jacket worn for outdoor sports such as fishing. If you plan on being outdoors a lot with your phone, it's worthwhile to invest in a waterproof jacket.

Forwarding Your Line

You may not need to carry two phones after all. Consider activating call forwarding and having one of your numbers forwarded to the other. Then you can leave the phone that the calls are being forwarded from at home or in your car, and just carry one phone at a time. You can activate immediate call forwarding on most cell phones by dialing 72 and pressing "SEND". That way, calls will be forwarded to your second line right away, without ringing the original phone. Turn off the call forwarding by dialing 73.