Easiest-to-Use Digital Camera for Seniors

By Matt Koble

Many digital cameras have features that enhance their ease of use.
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When shopping for an easy-to-use digital camera for a senior citizen, there are specific features you should look for. It's best to stick with the basics and avoid high-end models with tons of bells and whistles.

LCD Screen Size

A larger LCD screen allows better viewing of the composition.
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If poor eyesight is a factor, the size of the digital camera's LCD screen is crucial. Look for something with a screen larger than 2.5 inches, advises Elder Gadget. The larger the screen, the easier it will be to read text, judge shots before they're taken, and review pictures already shot.


A simple rotating knob easily changes the camera's shooting modes.
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For those with little technical knowledge, consider how easy it is to transfer the pictures off of the camera and have them printed. The camera should also have clearly marked controls and raised buttons. The instruction manual should be easy to follow.

Picture Quality

Turning auto focus on makes the lens find the focus for you.
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Look for a camera that requires little manual work to take a good picture, such as auto focus, automatic light adjustment and image stabilization. Such features help compensate for poor vision and shaky hands.


Wrist straps prevent dropping the camera.
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Seniors dealing with a loss of dexterity will appreciate a camera designed for durability, with a good grip and a wrist strap to prevent dropping the camera.