How to Earn Free Prizes for Playing Online Games

By Terrance Karter

Your computer and Internet can be a place to win real prizes.
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Online games are fun because they can keep you occupied and are a way to spend your free time. Some people enjoy online games because they can win real-life prizes, such as cash or other types of prizes. There are quite a few online sites that allow you to choose real prizes instead of online prizes. Real prizes can be sent directly to you via regular mail, and you can enjoy them.

Click on IWon. Create an account by clicking the "Register" link. Each time you log into the site, you will be registered for a chance to win real cash and prizes. Play games on the site by clicking on the games link. Take surveys on the site by clicking on the survey link. Each time you log in, play games or take surveys, you will earn points. You can use the points to save toward more games and surveys, or you can cash in the points for prizes. The more times you log into IWon and play games, the better your chances are for winning real prizes.

Click onto GamesVille to play games for prizes. Create an account with the Register link. Then choose a game you would like to play from the menu at the right-hand side. Each time you play a game, you will earn points. After you earn points, you can exchange those points for real prizes. As you play more games, you will earn more points, and win more prizes.

Click on GamesVance. Create an account by registering. Then choose a game you would like to play. Each time you play a game, you will rack up points toward prizes. You can turn in your points for a list of prizes, or you can save them until you play the next time.