How to Earn Meez Coins for Free

By Jalisa Summerville

Meez is a teen social networking site where members can create and design three-dimensional avatars, interact with their friends and export their Meez characters to other social networking sites. To acquire special edition or premium level items, such as clothing or shoes for the Meez avatar, members must use coinz -- Meez's currency. Although members can opt to purchase Coinz, opportunities to earn free Meez coinz are available as well.

Step 1

Go to Meez's official website ( and log in to your account using your username and password daily. You will receive free Meez Coinz each time you log in to your account.

Step 2

Locate the "Daily Boost" logo next to your username and click. Click "Take Boost" to retrieve your coinz. To reveal the coinz amount, look under the pink coinz icon inside the gift box .

Step 3

Win a game. Click the "Games" tab and scroll through the list of games. Choose a game and click the "Awards" or "Prizes" tabs to view the coinz prize amount. Some games award coinz after completing each level of the game.

Step 4

Complete a survey or special offer. Click the "Add Coinz & Cash" link and scroll toward the bottom of the Web page.

Click "Get Coinz" and scroll through survey and merchant offers. Complete quizzes, questionnaires, free trial periods or purchase items from specific online retailers. Look at the right-hand column next to each offer to view the coinz reward.