Dynamic Settings for a Samsung LCD

By John Mitchell

Adjust the dynamic settings on your Samsung LCD TV.
i Sean Gallup/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The dynamic settings for most Samsung LCD TVs are found in a few different spots under the Settings menu. Dynamic picture mode is most suitable for when the TV is exposed to bright light. Depending on your preferences and the environment the TV is in, you may or may not enjoy a dynamic setting.

Picture Mode

You can set the picture mode to one of five different modes: dynamic, standard, natural, movie or entertain. To enable dynamic picture mode, press the "Menu" key on the Samsung remote control, then select Picture followed by Picture Mode. Press the arrow key until you highlight Dynamic, and hit the "Enter" key to change the setting.

Dynamic Content

Under the Advanced Settings menu you'll find the option to enable or change the Dynamic Contrast setting. Enabling this feature changes how the picture contrast is set. To change this setting, press the "Menu" key on the remote, then select Picture followed by Advanced Settings. Press the "Down" key to highlight the Dynamic Contrast setting and hit the "Enter" key. Next press the right or left arrow to scroll through the options, which are Off, Low, Medium and High. Press the "Enter" key to change the setting.

Color Tone

When dynamic picture mode is enabled the color tone setting is deactivated. If you weren't using dynamic picture mode you'd see the setting activated with one of two options: warm 1 or warm 2. If you are looking to change this option, know that you must change the picture mode to anything but the dynamic setting, then return to the Picture Options menu to change the Samsung TV's color tone.

External Devices

Each external device connected to your Samsung LCD TV has a different set of settings. For example, changes made while a Blu-ray or DVD player is selected as the input device will not affect the settings for a video game console. You would have to change the input device to the game console and proceed to make your changes to the picture settings.