How to Find a DWI Arrest in Louisiana

by Vaughnlea Leonard
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Louisiana provides people with driving while intoxicated (DWI) arrest records online. Police departments, county clerks and public databases are three of the most common avenues to obtain information. You can also request DWI arrest records in Louisiana by mail.

Find a DWI Arrest in Louisiana

Step 1

Open the Black Book Online homepage. It has numerous internet resources. Scroll down a bit and click the link that reads "Louisiana." Press the link titled "Court Records" and then choose the appropriate court in a Louisiana county where you want to find a DWI arrest. Follow the prompts. You may be directed to enter someone's first and last name at some point.

Step 2

Mail in a criminal history request form to find a DWI arrest in Louisiana. You can find one at any Louisiana State Police office or you can download a criminal history authorization form online at the State of Louisiana website. Scroll down once you open that Web page and click on the link titled, "Authorization Form."

Step 3

Visit the County Clerk of Court Records for Louisiana website. It has a listing of every county in the state. Click on any of the links in the far left or right columns of the page. Scroll along the new page and click any link that directs you to your desired county clerk. Enter any appropriate information (last and first name in most cases) to find a DWI arrest in Louisiana.

Obtain a police affidavit from local law-enforcement. Police stations, for example, all have records departments. When someone is arrested, a police officer fills out a document (the arrest affidavit) regarding the specific circumstances surrounding a person's arrest--address or street, landmarks and even witnesses statements and what a detainee says at arrest. Find a DWI arrest in Louisiana by asking for this public record. It may have witness statements and further details to help you get additional background regarding a DWI arrest--people often use this added detail in criminal defenses.


  • Visit the Daily Arrests Online Crime Center to find DWI arrests in Louisiana. Click the "Home" link located on the left side of the page. It might give you helpful information about what to do if you arrested for a DWI in Louisiana.


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