DVR Recorders Compatible With Cox

By Alexis Rohlin

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Cox Communications cable is compatible with several DVRs available on the market. DVRs made by TiVo, Sony, Phillips and Motorola can all be used with the Cox cable box. DVR recorders digitally record and store television programs and work like a VCR. You can set the recording time and the channel to record, but, unlike the older technology, you store programs right onto the hard drive of the DVR and can record two programs at once.


TiVo DVR set-top boxes can be used with your Cox cable service. With TiVo, you can record live HDTV, search TV cable DVR and the Internet, watch Netflix movies and Hulu shows and access On-Demand movies. TiVo supports full 1080p resolution for the clearest HDTV picture possible. TiVo has a monthly service fee of $19.99 at the time of publication, and the set-top box costs $499.99.


Sony DVR Recorders or DVR units can connect to your Cox cable set-top box with a High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) and composite Audio Video Cables. The Sony DHG-HDD500 DVR can record up to 60 hours of HD programming or 400 hours of standard cable channels. Sony has no recording subscription fees or equipment rental for a the DVR set-top box. You can even put your digital camcorder or camera memory stick into the Memory Stick PRO media slot to play back photos, videos or music.


The Motorola DVRs, such as the DCX3400 HD/DVR, M-Card set-top box are HD/DVR and CableCard ready set-top boxes. CableCards are small credit-card-size circuit boards that insert into the set-top box slot so you can hook your cable TV directly into the DVR, instead of a cable box that is connected to the DVR. This eliminates the need for extra wires and takes up less space. The dual tuner feature of the Motorola DVR allows you to record a program while watching a live program, record two programs simultaneously or watch a recorded program while recording another one. The 120 GB hard drive stores up to 90 hours of standard digital TV or 20 hours of HDTV.


If you don't want to deal with two set-top boxes for your television or aren't tech-savvy, you can rent a DVR-enabled set-top cable box from Cox for $9.95 a month at the time of publication. DVR services are available from Cox for an addition $3.75 a month.