How to View DVR Recorded Shows Without Cable (4 Steps)

By Stephanie Breaux

An AV cable is needed to connect the DVR.
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A DVR, or digital video recorder, is a device that allows the user to record and playback live television programs. A DVR is used in conjunction with a cable or satellite package, however, if an individual no longer has a cable or satellite package but still owns a DVR device, prerecorded programs may still be viewed as long as the device is still in the owner's possession.

Step 1

Locate a standard AV cable, which will be used to connect the DVR to a television. Purchase the cable at any electronics store or mass merchandiser.

Step 2

Insert the three colored plugs into the designated areas in the back of your television set and DVR box. Match each plug color to the jacks located in the back of these devices.

Step 3

Insert the television and DVR power cords into an electrical outlet.

Step 4

Turn on your television and DVR. Press the "Menu" button on the DVR remote control. Use the arrow buttons on the controller to navigate through the menus. Highlight the problem you desire to view and press "Play," "OK" or a similar button on the remote control to playback the prerecorded program.