How to View a DVD on a Computer

By Michelle McGriff

You can watch a DVD on a computer.
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Your computer is a multifaceted, high-tech piece of equipment. It is able to keep you in touch with the world and keep you entertained. You can use it to play uninterrupted hours of your favorite music while you work. It lets you see all your favorite pictures in a slide show. Your computer can take care of many of your media needs without the use of a bunch of extra cumbersome wires or much additional technological know-how. When it comes to watching your favorite movie on DVD, your computer again can be an easy solution.

Insert your DVD into your computer's CD/DVD drive. Your computer's default media player should open automatically. If it does not open, double click the "My Computer" icon that can generally be found on your desktop. Once "My Computer" is open, right-click on the DVD drive. You'll notice your computer has read the DVD you inserted. It will show as part of the DVD icon. Select "Autoplay."

Click "Play DVD Video Using Windows Media Player" in the pop-up window that now appears. This media player is included on most Windows-based computers. In the pop-up window, check the box "Always Do The Selected Action," and you will set this program as the default for future movie playing.

Point the curser anywhere on the screen of the media player and right-click. In the pop-up window that appears, you will see options. "Show Video," will start the movie. "Video Size" will allow you to size the movie within the media player's viewing screen. "Full Screen" will allow the movie to show at the full width of your computer's monitor.

Select "Full Screen" from the pop-up window that appears in the previous step. You can cancel "Full Screen" by right-clicking on the movie and selecting "Exit Full Screen." There are command buttons along the bottom of the media player screen that do not require right-clicking.

Click the "Play/Pause" button on the media player to begin the movie. Adjust the volume by sliding the "Sound" button on the media player to the desired level. Move the movie along by sliding the "Seek" button on the media player. Silence the movie by clicking the "Mute" button on the media player. Pause the movie by clicking the "Play/Pause" button again.

Stop the movie after viewing by clicking the square "Stop" button on the media player. Click the X at the upper right-hand corner of the media player. This will close the program. Press the "Open/Close" button on CD/DVD drive of your computer to eject the movie.