How to Dump a Computer and Reload Windows

by TS Jordan

Dumping, also known as formatting, a computer refers to the process of erasing everything on the hard drive and starting from scratch. This is necessary if your computer has contracted a virus, is exhibiting other types of bizarre behavior or if you want to perform the ultimate type of electronic spring cleaning. Dumping a computer and reinstalling Windows is a basic, but time-consuming, process that can take up to an hour.


Insert the Windows Installation CD into your computer's disc drive.


Restart the machine and press any key to boot from the CD.


Hit "Enter" then "F8" to commence the installation procedure.


Press "D" to delete your existing hard drive partition then press "C" to create a single new partition.


Select the partition created and press "Enter" to install Windows.


Choose the NTFS (New Technology File System) method of formatting to trigger the auto-installer, reloading Windows to your computer.


Input all required information (such as the date, time, your Windows product key and other prompted information) to complete the installation.


  • Save any files or folders you wish to keep to a USB drive, CD-R or DVD-R prior to beginning the operation as this process will completely erase your hard drive.

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