What Is a Dtv Input?

By Sam Adams

DTV is the transition of the over-the-air television transmission from an analog signal to a digital signal. The DTV transition became effective in 2009, requiring anyone who did not have a digital television to use a converter box.

Converter Box

The DTV converter box must be connected to an analog television for the television to receive the new signal. On the back of the converter box is an antenna out jack. This jack must have a coaxial cable connected to the antenna input on the television set. The antenna input connection is sometimes referred to as a DTV input.

Using the Converter

Once the television is connected to the DTV converter box, tune the television to channel 3 or 4. There should be a setup menu displayed. On this menu a channel scan can be performed to detect all of the digital channels in the area.

New Televisions

All televisions purchased after 2007 do not need a DTV converter box hooked to the DTV input in order to receive digital channels. These televisions are equipped with an internal digital tuner.