DSL Services That Work With Dish Network

by Ann Goss

Dish Network partners with a number of DSL Internet providers. DSL service in your area depends on which Internet providers serve your community. DSL Internet service provides high-speed Internet over telephone lines. Unlike dial-up connections, the signal for DSL uses frequencies significantly higher than human voices, so you're able to use your phone while also being online. If your community lacks coverage, Dish Network also offers Wild Blue satellite Internet.


AT&T offers high-speed Internet with download rates of 768Kbps to 6.0Mbps to many areas in the U.S. Regular prices start at $20 a month, as of June 2011. AT&T offers special discounted rates to Dish Network customers that are only available if you sign up through Dish Network.


CenturyLink and Qwest merged to form a stronger DSL Internet provider with goals to offer speeds of 100Gbps. CenturyLink offers coverage to large cities and small, rural areas throughout the United States. CenturyLink service starts at $30 when bundled with satellite television as of June 2011.

Cincinnati Bell

Cincinnati Bell offers ZoomTown high-speed DSL with prices starting at $25 a month as of June 2011. Download speeds for ZoomTown start at 768 Kbps and go as high as 5Mbps. Cincinnati Bell provides service to areas of Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio.


EarthLink DSL Internet rates start as low as $15 per month as of June 2011. Download speeds reach as much as 6Mbps, making it quick and easy to view photos, download music or watch movies. EarthLink DSL covers a large portion of the eastern U.S. and scattered areas in the Midwest and West.

Frontier Communications Solutions

Frontier Communications Solutions serves areas of California, Indiana, Minnesota, the Pacific Northwest and West Virginia. Receive a bundle rate when you pair Dish Network with Frontier's DSL service. Regular prices start at $34.99 a month for download speeds of 1 Mbps as of June 2011.

TDS Telecom

TDS Telecom offers high-speed DSL Internet to large cities and rural communities throughout the U.S., though service is limited in the Midwestern and southern states. Rates begin at $25 per month for 5Mbps download rates as of June 2011. Bundled with Dish Network, you'll find even bigger savings.


Verizon's DSL Internet plans start at $25 a month for speeds as high as 1Mbps as of June 2011. Verizon offers coverage to many states within the United States, though in some New England regions, Fairpoint took over their service.


Windstream offers Greenstreak Internet with speeds ranging from 3Mbps to 12Mbps. Rates start at $40 as of June 2011, but there are discounts available when you bundle their DSL package with a Dish Network package. Service isn't available in every state.

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