How to Get DSL or High-Speed MSN Internet Service

By Terrance Karter

MSN is a type of Internet service that allows you to choose your connection rate and how much you pay.
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MSN is a Web browser, but it is also an Internet service. You can get the MSN service easily, right online. If you don't buy it directly from MSN, you can use a cable, phone or Internet company in your location that partners with MSN to provide service. You'll get an MSN email, online storage and Internet capabilities with MSN.

Step 1

Click on the link in References. Then choose "Get It Now," either at the location under the high-speed dial-up box, or the regular MSN service box.

Step 2

Specify your location, and the site will tell you if MSN Internet is available in your area.

Step 3

Choose your type of service. Give your phone number and address. Choose "Self Install" or "Professional Install." If you choose to have a professional install your Internet, one will come to your home at a scheduled time. If you choose to install it yourself, you will get a package in the mail with the necessary items.

Step 4

Pay for your monthly service online, at the MSN site, or by sending a check or money order with the bill that comes in the mail. Usually, your service will begin within a week, and can cancel it within one or two weeks when you no longer want it.