How to Find My Dropbox URL

by Marie Cartwright

If you have a file stored on Dropbox that you would like to share with the rest of the world, there are two fast ways to find and copy the file's URL. This can only be done with files in the Public folder. Files stored in private or shared folders will not have the option to view the URL. Additionally, Dropbox only allows you to copy the URL for individual files, not the entire Public folder. This task can be accomplished both on the Dropbox website and within your local Dropbox client.


Log into your Dropbox account. Open your "Public" folder.

Find the file with the URL that you want to use. Click the triangle to the far right of the file's name. This will expand a drop-down menu.

Click "Copy Public Link." A pop-up dialog will appear. Click the blue "Copy to clipboard" button. You may now paste your file's URL into a text document, email or blog post.


Open your Dropbox folder.

Open the Public folder.

Right-click on the file. Hover over the "Dropbox" submenu with your mouse. Select "Copy public link."

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