How to Find a Driver for a Printer

by Pamela Gardapee

Printers come with software and drivers on a CD when the printer is purchased new. If you lose the CD or find a used printer without the CD, you will need to find the drivers a different way. Before you hook up a Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Lexmark or Canon printer to your computer, you need to install the printers or the printer will not print.

Use the Dell website to download printer drivers. Click the link for Dell in the Reference section, which takes you to the drivers and download page. Select "Choose a Model" to continue. Click "Printers" and select "Printer." Use the sidebar to arrow up or down to find the printer model that you need a driver for to continue. After confirming the printer model, select your computer's operating system. On the next page, you will see a display of the available drivers, firmware and available software. Click "Download" to begin the download and installation. Follow the prompts to install the driver.

Download the driver for the Hewlett-Packard (HP) at its website. Click the link for HP in the Reference section. On the landing page, enter the model of the printer and check "Download drivers and software (and firmware)." For instance, enter Deskjet 6122 and click "Search." Click "Software and Driver Downloads." Enter your computer's operating system and click "Next." Click on the "Drive" plus sign to display the available drivers. Click "Download" to start the download and installation process. Follow the on-screen prompts.

Locate the driver needed for a Lexmark printer at the Lexmark website found in the Reference section. Under "Support by Product" enter the model number of the printer. For example, enter Lexmark P4350 and click "Select." On the next page, click the tab that says "Downloads" to show the available drivers. Click on "Download Now" to start the download and installation of the driver needed for the printer. Follow the prompts.

Download the printer driver for Canon printers at the Canon website found in the Reference section. On the landing page, click "Printers and Multifunction." Choose the printer series (example: Pixma, ImageClass). Select the model from the next window. On the next page, click "Drivers and Software." Select your computer's operating system to open a list of available drivers. Click on the driver, which will open a window where you need to click "I Agree-Begin Download" after reading the disclaimer. The download will begin. Follow the prompts to complete installation.

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