What Is the O Drive?

By Gregory M. Dew

O Drives store data, but not physically on a computer.
i computer image by martini from Fotolia.com

O: drives are a type of network drive companies use to store data. The data on the O: drive is available to be shared by those included in the network but is not stored physically on any one computer.

Function of the O: Drive

According to the Towson University Department of Computer Services, network drives enable users of computers connected to a network to share information. The O: drive is specific to a company's individual department. Members of that department have equal access to all information as long as that information is stored on the O: drive and not an individual computer.

Information Backup

By storing information on the O: drive, departments can avoid losing important information. Network drives backup all information nightly. Should an individual computer crash, the information for a department would still safely be stored on the network O: drive.

Access to Information

Storing information on the O: drive also enables members of a department to work outside the company building. Telecommuters and travelers can gain access to the O: drive by accessing an Internet connection and remotely logging in to the network.