Drawing a Curved Hourglass in PowerPoint

By Kristy Barkan

An hourglass is a simple way to convey the passage of time.
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An effective presentation requires capturing and retaining your audience's attention. PowerPoint comes loaded with dozens of vector shapes and drawing tools that business users can employ to create custom graphics on presentation slides. Although an eye-catching slideshow is no guarantee of a successful presentation, it keeps your audience focused on your slides. A curved hourglass is one example of a custom graphic appropriate to a wide variety of slide topics you create using PowerPoint's tools.

Open your PowerPoint presentation and click the "View" tab on the Menu Ribbon at the top of the screen.

Choose "Normal" view from the Presentation Views options box.

Click one of the thumbnails to select a slide.

Select the "Insert" tab on the Menu Ribbon and click the "Shapes" button.

Choose the "Teardrop" shape from the Basic Shapes section of the drop-down menu.

Hold the "Shift" key while left-clicking and dragging to create an evenly-shaped teardrop. Release the mouse button when you have created a teardrop that is roughly one-half the final size of the hourglass.

Click and drag the green "Rotate" selector at the top of the teardrop -- which is tilted at an oblique angle by default -- until the tapered end points directly upward, like a drop of water.

Right-click the teardrop and choose "Copy," then right-click an empty area of the screen and choose "Paste."

Click and drag the green "Rotate" selector on the second teardrop until the tapered end points downward.

Left-click the middle of the second teardrop and drag it until it is positioned directly above the first teardrop, with the tapered ends touching.

Click "Shapes" and choose "Rectangle" from the Rectangle section.

Click and drag to draw a small rectangle on top of the tapered ends of the teardrops, creating a chute for the center of the hourglass.

Right-click each of the shapes in turn and select "Format Shape," then "Line Color." Click the "No Line" radio button to remove the outer border from each of the teardrops and the rectangle, making the three pieces appear to be one shape.

Click "Shapes" on the main menu and choose "Magnetic Disc" from the Flowchart section. Click and drag to draw a cylinder on top of the teardrops and the rectangle, just large enough to cover the other shapes completely.

Right-click the cylinder and choose "Format Shape," then "Fill." Drag the "Transparency" slider to the right until it reaches 75 percent. This semitransparent cylinder is the finishing touch on the curved hourglass, creating its see-through outer casing.