Some Drawbacks of Cable Telephone Service

by Jason Thompson

Many cable television companies provide some sort of telephone service over their cable television lines. There are some advantages to receiving phone service this way, including bundling bills and cost. However, there are some disadvantages to cable telephone service as well.


Cable telephone service will require special adapters that connect the phone to cable equipment. Keeping a landline or cell phone free from this hookup avoids the need for adapters.


Another drawback of cable telephone service is that it cannot travel with you. Cable telephone service only works inside the home and it also limits the caller's ability to move around while on a call.

Limited Service Options

Cable telephone service options generally are not as wide as other phone services. With cable telephone service, a customer often is buying a package that includes television and internet options. Because each subscription package contains several possibilities, you might not be able to buy the cheapest television package with the phone service that includes all the features a customer needs.

Extra Purchases

Sometimes cable internet service is required to get cable telephone services because the phone service actually works using the internet. If you do not need cable internet, this becomes an extra expense.

Limited Extra Options

Cable telephone services typically offer fewer options than cell phone services. Many cell phone companies include internet access, text messaging, voice mail and specialized applications. Cable telephone service does not include these options.


If all services are combined on a single bill and you have difficulty paying for one service, such as cable television, you could be in danger of losing phone service.


Cable telephone service is not as reliable as traditional phone services. For example, you will lose cable telephone service during a power outage. This not only is a matter of inconvenience but also potentially could jeopardize safety.

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