How to Draw Vines in Photoshop

By Daniel Ketchum

A Vine
i Dan Ketchum

Photoshop is generally known for its photo-modifying special effects, but it is equally effective as an image-creation tool. With a little effort, you can create shapes, logos and other art just by using the tools and functions of Photoshop. It can even create convincing organic shapes. This article will demonstrate this by creating a vine.

Step 1

Open Photoshop. Select "File" and click "New." In the dialog box, make the size and resolution settings whatever you need for your project. Then go to the bottom of the layer panel and click on the "New Layer" icon.

Step 2

Select the "Rectangular Marquee" tool, and draw a tall rectangle on the canvas, then use the "Gradient" tool to fill across the rectangle with a gradient. Click "Image," then "Adjustments," and select "Desaturate." Go under "Adjustments," click "Levels," and adjust the sliders to produce a higher contrast in the image.

Step 3

Change the "Foreground" color to green and the "Background" color to black. Create a new layer. Select "Filter," then "Render," and "Clouds". If the contrast between the green and black is too low, select "Image," then "Adjustments" and click "Brightness/Contrast." Adjust both settings until the preview looks right.

Step 4

Select both working layers, right-click them, and select "Link." Select "Edit," then "Transform," and click "Perspective." Pull the handles at the bottom together into a point. Now change the "Blending Mode" of the top layer to "Soft Light." Go to Layer and click "Merge Down."

Step 5

Select "Filter," then "Liquefy." Make the brush about 4 times the top width of the vines. Then use it to move sections of the vine from side to side, creating a curvy effect. And that's it; a curvy vine.