How to Draw a Flowchart in Visio

By Launie Sorrels

Draw a Flowchart in Visio

Microsoft Visio is intended to aid the developer with creating large and complex flowcharts. One of the advantages of Microsoft Visio is the ability to revise the flowchart over time. This leaves room for expansions and improvements as needed. Microsoft Visio allows a user to compare and evaluate processes. By storing data of cost, duration and resources the user can generate reports. This allows the developer to get a detailed view of exactly how many resources are devoted to completing a task.

Open the Microsoft Visio application.

Select "New Flowchart." A drawing pane appears with a sidebar of various shapes to create the flowchart.

Drag the desired shape to the drawing pane. Placing the mouse pointer over a shape will bring up a call-out that explains what the shape is used for. Each shape represents a different process. Remember, every flowchart must start and end with the "Terminator" symbol.

Name the process. Double click the symbol placed on the drawing pane and type in the name of the process. Repeat to add other shapes to the drawing pane.

Connect processes with a connector. Several blue x'es are scattered around the symbol. These are connection points. Click on the "Connector Tool" located at the top left of the toolbar. Click on the connection point of a symbol. A small line appears. Drag the line to the connection point of another symbol. The connector is now created joining these two processes together. Continue these steps to create a flowchart.