How to Draw a Flowchart Using MS Word

by Stephanie Ellen

Microsoft Word isn't just a word processing program -- it has built-in graphics that enable you to build a professional looking flowchart without the need for more software. A flowchart shows a process or algorithm from start to finish, using boxes or other shapes connected by arrows. The Smart Art section of Microsoft Word contains a series of flowchart elements that you can use to build a process chart.


Click the "Insert" tab.


Click "Smart Art" in the Illustrations group.


Click "Process" and then click a flowchart element you want to add. A preview of the flowchart elements will show in the right hand window pane. For example, click a row of three boxes.


Click "OK" to add the element to the worksheet.


Click the element and enter whatever text you would like to appear in the element. Press the "Enter" key to make another element of the same type.


  • check If you want to add a different shape to your flow chart, click the "Design" tab and then click a different Smart Art Style from the selection box.

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