How to Draw an Org Chart With Google Docs Drawing

By Emmanuelle Douglas

Google Docs Drawings is a part of the Google Documents software. Google Docs Drawings lets you create drawings, graphs and designs for your projects. The benefit to using Google Docs Drawings is the immediate access to the drawing when an Internet connection is present. The drawings have templates to assist users with their drawings. When creating an organization chart, people can use the Google Documents Drawing template to get a basic foundation for the org chart.

Access Google Documents. Type "Organization Chart" in the search box. Click the search drop down box and change it to "Public Templates." Review the matching templates. If necessary, change the left task pane option to "Drawing" to limit the templates to Google Doc Drawings.

Click "Use This Template" to use the organization chart template. The template opens in Google Documents Drawings.

Highlight the names inside the text boxes and type your details in the text boxes. If necessary, click the connecting lines and drag them to make them longer or shorter for your org chart needs.

Click the existing text boxes and press "Delete" on the keyboard if they are not necessary for your org chart. Add additional text boxes by clicking the text boxes and clicking "Edit" on the standard menu bar. Select "Copy" to make a copy of the text box. Click the outside of the text box to move it to your desired location

Save the changes by clicking the "Save" icon on the Quick Access Toolbar.