How to Draw Building Plans on a PC

By Zeus Tyrone Mendoza

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Designing a building of your own used to require a blueprint with a knowledge in architectural design. Today, with the advancements of technology and programs, floor plans for a building can be made by anybody. A popular website for creating your own plans is called FloorPlanner, which provides a user-friendly interface for absolutely free. With FloorPlanner, you can design your own dream building right on your PC, as well as print or save the data to show your friends and family.

Step 1

Go to the website and create a free, basic account. Then click on "Start a new plan" to open a blank building template. All new accounts are allotted one free building plan to share and print.

Step 2

Click on "Draw Room" under the "Construction" box. Then click on anywhere in the grid to place the first corner of the room, then elsewhere to finish your first room. Repeat this step to build adjoining rooms.

Step 3

Edit the walls of each room to modify their shape. Start by clicking on a wall, then select either to split, delete, or change its thickness. This allows you to create complex shapes for windows or curving walls.

Step 4

Draw surfaces for your building plans. To do this, click on "Draw Surface" under your construction menu then click anywhere on the grid to place the first point. Continue clicking to draw however many points you want for your surface's area until you are satisfied. Afterward, you can curve, drag, split the edges as well as select the texture and color.

Step 5

Add furniture to your rooms by selecting different categories under the "Library" window. Select the furniture you want, then drag-and-drop it into any room on your building plan.

Step 6

Draw any additional housing accessories such as single walls, hedges, fences, and so forth by clicking the third option under the "Construction" menu. Click on any space in your design to begin drawing a line, and once you're finished, select the line again to change its properties such as colors and line type.