What Drains Cell Phone Batteries?

by Noel Shankel
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A cellphone battery, much like a car battery, will drain while it is being used. Certain actions and use patterns will increase the rate at which it drains. However, unless the phone is shut off completely, the battery is always draining to some degree. Once the cellphone battery is completely drained, the phone itself becomes useless until it is charged again.


One of the most common reasons for a cellphone battery to drain is excessive usage. Talking, surfing the web, sending text messages, and watching videos will all take a toll on your cellphone battery. According to Technology.inc.com, you should charge your cellphone every other day, as compared to every day. Excessive charging will actually damage your cellphone battery. If you are not near an outlet -- and don't plan to be in the near future -- limit the amount of time you spend on your cellphone.

The Temperature

Placing your cellphone in either extremely hot or extremely cold environments can cause the battery within to drain. Never leave your cellphone within your car on a hot day, especially if the phone will be in direct sunlight. During the winter time, make sure your cellphone is covered and protected. Extreme cold can cause lights to dim on your cellphone, and slow its response time, according to Popular Mechanics. An overheated cellphone battery runs the risk of exploding.

Use It Wisely

One way to prevent against unnecessary battery drain is to leave your cellphone either on vibrate or on ringer, as compared to both. If you're in a loud environment, place your cellphone on vibrate and keep it close to your body. If the room is quiet, turn the ringer on and shut vibrate off. If you're using your cellphone near an outlet, plug it in. The cellphone will run off the electricity from the outlet as compared to the battery. This will allow you to charge your cellphone while using it. If possible, avoid running multiple applications at once on your cellphone as this will cause the battery to drain at a quicker rate.


The best prevention against a draining cellphone battery is to simply minimize the amount of time you use it. Before sending a text message, ask yourself if the message is really worth sending. Don't leave your cellphone on 24 hours a day. When it's not in use -- especially if you're not expecting an incoming call -- turn the cellphone completely off. You can always return any calls or messages you miss.


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