Downloading Google Docs Onto an iPad

By Shawn Farner

If your business uses Google Docs to create and store documents online, you might find it useful to keep these documents with you while traveling with your iPad. The iPad can access Google Docs documents through the Google Drive application, as well as two other apps: Google Docs Manager and GoDocs for Google Docs. All are available from the App Store.

View Google Docs documents using the Google Drive application. This is an official solution offered by Google itself. Using Google Drive, you can view and even download documents to your iPad for offline viewing.

Download your Google Docs files with GoDocs for Google Docs. Like Google Drive, GoDocs provides a means to view your documents on your iPad and save them to the device for offline viewing. If you have an Internet connection, you can also take advantage of the app's ability to edit your Google Docs.

Look at your Google Docs word processing documents, spreadsheet files and presentations with Google Docs Manager. This app offers you the ability to download Google Docs files straight to your iPad and open those files in compatible editing apps such as Pages, Numbers and Keynote.