How to Download YouTube Video Clips

by Mitchell White

Since YouTube video clips play off the YouTube website and not as a file you can use with offline, you'll need to find a way to "capture" the video in order to download it into a video file you can use at your leisure. A conversion website can take the Web address of your YouTube video, and turn it into a video file that you can download to your computer.


Right-click on the YouTube address where the video you want is playing. Select "Copy" from the window that comes up.


Go to, or in your computer's Web browser. These sites all have just about the same layout.


Click on the option to download a video from a URL Web address on the main page of the conversion website.


Right-click on the text-box next to that option. Select "Paste" from the options available there.


Click on the "Output Format" text. Select "FLV" if you want the format your video was in on YouTube. But if you want to play it on your computer, "WMV" may be a better choice. Click "Convert." Wait for the new link to appear, and then click on that to download the file.

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