How to Download YouTube Music to Windows Media

By Kefa Olang

YouTube is a video sharing website used to search for and watch music videos, movies and videos of other genres. Now using a video converter program, you can download YouTube music videos and convert them to Windows Media Video Format (WMV) easily. This simple process allows you to compress and watch the videos on a Windows Media Player (WMP) and upload them to your portable video player.

Download and install AVC Video Converter (see Resources).

Launch your program after it has installed and click the "YouTube" icon on the top main interface.

Type in the URL address for the YouTube music video that you want to download and click "OK."

Select "Customized WMV Movie (*.WMV) in the "Profile" window. This will convert the YouTube music video to Windows Media Video format to play on the Windows Media Player.

Select the bitrate and frame size you want for the converted YouTube music video. Click "Convert."

Launch your Windows Media Video when the conversion is complete. It will automatically be launched using the Windows Media Player.